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White German Shepherd | 2 years old
Are you an avid German Shepherd lover with the experience and commitment to help rehabilitate a young beautiful GSD? Sweet Aeva is wonderful devoted and will be very protective of your family once she recognizes you as her humans. She loves her people with all she has. Aeva is not open to strangers, she has been in rehabilitation training and is coming along well. But she still can not be approached and touched by passerby’s. She has never bit any humans, she will bark at anyone who approaches. Aeva is house trained and walks right by your side on her leash. She loves to lay by you and will attach very strongly to one or two members of the home in particular. We are only looking for a very dog experienced type of home for Aeva, please list extensive experience in your adoption application and please message us on Facebook with any additional information you would like to add.

Aeva is a 2 years old old purebred White German Shepherd. PAWS of Hawaii is a local non-profit animal rescue. All animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and flea treated prior adoption. If you would like to add this beautiful girl to your ohana please fill out the adoption form below.


Italian Greyhound - Chihuahua | 7 months old


Hound - Terrier Mix | 1.5 years old


Hound - Shar Pei Mix | 1 month old


Pointer - Cattle Dog mix | 2.5 months old


Olde English Bulldog | 4.5 months old
Noodle can’t be held back. She will do everything any other dog can. She’s strong, loving, and motivated. She loves to play, wrestle and explore. Her adoptive family will need to understand a few things. Noodle doesn’t have any special needs on a daily basis, besides massage and being wobbly, she’s a normal dog. The extra care needed comes in to play with the medical care she will need. She may require a wheelchair in the future (when she is elderly). For now, she runs great! Noodle would benefit from daily massage, water therapy, acupuncture etc. this little girl will wiggle her way into your hearts!

BEFORE applying to meet Noodle, do your research about Hip Dysplasia If your application does not mention you’ve read up on this it will not be accepted. We will keep the application open for this precious girl for several days before finalizing meet and greets. We need to ensure any homes interested will properly care for her. If your application lists no prior animal or experience with animals, we are sorry, but it will not be accepted. Please be thorough when filling out the form.


Shar Pei - Hound Mix | 6 years old


Hound Mix | 1.5 years old